You’ll probably spend weeks or days preparing for your party if you are hosting an event at your business or house. Of course, the possibility of carpet damage is almost an assurance whether it is an adults-only get together, a child-centric event, a huge gathering, or a small dinner party.  


That’s why it is always ideal to have the contact details of a professional carpet cleaning Brentwood company to help get rid of these common after-party carpet stains. 

Pet Stains 

You might tuck your pet away for the night if you know that it isn’t a fan of parties. This will allow you to enjoy some solo time while you host the event. Bodily functions happen, even if your pet is a social animal. You might forget to take out your dog for a bathroom break and it simply cannot hold it anymore. Or perhaps she might get extremely excited that she made an accident. Your pet might also consume something that does not agree with her and vomits all over your carpet.  


A bit of vomit can easily make its way to your carpet without any warning, even though it is gross. This is particularly true if a kid has consumed a lot of birthday cupcakes or you are having a wild alcohol-fueled gathering. It’s totally disgusting to clean this up. Also, there is a high chance that you will not do a great job of scrubbing due to the gross nature of the task.  

Oil and Grease 

From shrimp scampi to pizza slices, these finger foods can be a bit slippery. You shouldn’t be surprised to see greasy spot after spot that spilled meals have left behind. However, oils from your guest’s skin can also be a source of carpet soiling. This is particularly true if they’re walking around barefooted. Though these might stay as surface stains at the beginning, ignoring to hire a carpet cleaning to get rid of this problem can result in the stain becoming harder to remove. That’s why you have to get rid of stains right away with the help of a professional. 


Children might be cool running around your home free of shoes. However, this is not the case with adults. You will probably have several guests who will walk around your house with their shoes on their feet unless you’re a totally strict individual. If you’re throwing a holiday party, chances are their boots will be covered with salt, mud, and snow. The amount of pollen, debris, and dirt they leave in their tracks will show up at some point.  

Drink and Food 

Drink and food stains are unavoidable during a party. This is particularly true if your guests are eating in your living room rather than in your kitchen. You will be able to ideally get rid of the stains if you do it as soon as possible. This is particularly true if you are talking about coffee or red wine stains. If it is too late, you can always rely on a professional carpet cleaner for help.