Tips to Eat Healthy at a Mexican Restaurant 

It’s a fact that Americans really love to eat Mexican food Walnut Creek. Actually, Mexican food is the 3rd most popular type of menu all over the country. Although, perhaps you have already heard of or at least known in one of your cooking classes that Mexican food isn’t recognized for being healthy. But you can actually eat this cuisine without spooling your diet if you get ready in advance and look for healthy ways to eat Mexican food. To learn more, check out the list below: 


Be careful with margaritas 

Sure, margaritas may taste delicious. However, did you know that they are loaded with sugar and calories? If you really want to order an alcoholic beverage, better order a skinny margarita, which only contains 90 calories.  

Grilled foods are for you 

Choosing grilled foods is a nice way to eat healthy at Mexican restaurants. Rather than ordering taquito or chimichanga, you can order shrimp or chicken fajitas, or steak instead. Compared to fried items, fajitas are usually healthier and they are just as filling as the fried ones. Moreover, fajitas taste so much better once you flavor it with onions and peppers.  

Refrain from ordering refried beans and rice 

Refried beans and rice are the usual sides you can order at Mexican restaurants. However, they are high in fat content and calories. If you want an alternative that is high in fiber and low in calories, then grilled vegetables may be the best option for you. You can also add some salsa to your vegetables to taste some flavors. However, if you really wanted to order some beans, then choose black beans.  

Have some corn tortillas 

If you’re craving for some tacos, then you can order its alternative—the corn tortillas. Corn tortillas are great since they contain lesser grams of fat and calories compared to flour tortillas. Moreover, corn tortillas can lower in sugar and sodium.  

Ceviche is a great appetizer for you 

If you’re planning to eat and add some appetizers, choose a ceviche—a seafood dish that’s composed of chili peppers, citrus juices, and fresh fish that only contain fewer calories.  

Refuse to have chips 

In any Mexican restaurant, salsa and chips are really a staple. However, that isn’t really that low when it comes to calories. When your waitress provides you the bowl of chips onto your table, it’s simple to take hundreds of calories even before eating your meal. So, instead of letting them serve you with chips, ask them to serve you a glass of water instead.  

Keep away from cheese and beef 

You can say farewell to unsolicited additional calories if you choose beans over cheese or beef in such Mexican foods like enchiladas and burritos. Moreover, if you do this, you will be having more fiber rather than fat. You can also substitute your beef with a ground turkey that can also minimize the fat content in several dishes like albondigas. 

If you just follow the tips stated above, you can leisurely eat at any Mexican restaurant without feeling guilty.