If you are worried about your furnace whether it can last for the upcoming winter, we need you to be informed about the right tools and the helpful tips below about how to prolong your furnace’s life: 


Do regular maintenance 

To prevent the nightmare of having costly repairs for your furnace, we suggest having your furnace regularly maintained. During the tuning up of your furnace, a professional HVAC technician will do all the necessary things to make sure that the possible HVAC problems will be removed that can take place during the harsh winter season.  

Avoid air leaks 

Air leaks can deprive you of the warm air, which your furnace worked so hard to elicit. Air leak don’t just drain the warm air out of your house, but also leaves your furnace no choice but to work longer and harder. If this is the case, it can adversely reduce its lifespan. Your basement intrusions, kitchen and bathroom vents, walls, windows, front doors, and any small spaces and gaps can let air to infiltrate. One of the greatest things you can do to enhance the comfort of your house and extend your furnace’s life is to remove air leaks and prevent drafts  

Change air filter 

When your air filter starts to appear like a dusty and old accordion, then it means that you need to change your filter now. Your air filters, which are commonly ignored, can drain your furnace out especially if not cleaned regularly or replaced if needed. Their main function is to protect your system from allowing debris and dirt to reach into the furnace while also cleaning the air.  

Once the dirt starts to conceal the filter, your furnace is required to work double-time for the air to move. Since dust and dirt are blocking the filter, the furnace fan will be required to work harder to overcome the extra resistance. Moreover, because less air moves through your furnace system, it will require to run for a longer duration for it to increase the temperature. If you have this issue, make sure to contact an expert Fairfield heating and cooling technician to do the needed actions and to resolve it before it becomes severe.  

Install a programmable thermostat 

You can control your heating system usage if you install a programmable thermostat. Generally, it can help you set a predefined schedule that will regulate your home’s temperature based on the season and the time of day. Meaning, it will turn down the heat during the day and at night if nobody is around in the house.  

Moreover, smart thermostats incorporate an extra level of control by responding to movement—either people are home or not, making schedules on the get-go, innovative control by using phone applications, and extra tracking that enables you to take greater control of your system wherever you may be. New thermostats aren’t just beneficial to prolong the life of your furnace, but they will help you save money due to reduced energy bills as well.